Processing many local resources

Diversified activity sector due to the wide variety of raw materials produced, processed and marketed here:

  • Cereals: malt barley, wheat
  • Vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage for choucroute, endives, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot … in over 6,000 hectares
  • Milk: 80 million litres of milk/year, including the milk used to make the AOC (protected designation of origin) Chaource cheese
  • Meat: Charolaise suckler ewe rearing, sheep (Agneau de l'Aube lamb), pigs and broiler chickens

Aube, home of Champagne

The second-largest Champagne-producing area worldwide, with 7,000 hectares of vines, Aube makes three AOC wines: Champagne, Coteaux Champenois and Rosé des Riceys.

In all, 59 Aube municipalities produce sparkling wine, and 15 more will soon be added with the extension of the AOC zone.

Dedicated business park

The Troyes agribusiness park  is an innovative property concept enabling services and costs to be shared.

Dynamism in the sector

The i3A Club of Agri-Food, Agro-Industry and Agro-Resources companies: a collective dynamic to stimulate the sector in the region.

  • About fifty companies, employing 7,500 people and generating turnover of 5.2 billion euros

  • Support for business development and competitiveness: meetings with buyers at major retailers, attendance at trade fairs, promotion of jobs and training, innovation, cost control etc.

  • Setting up an employers' group in 2014 to gain employee loyalty and offer full employment


Vegetable processing                             Bonduelle, André Laurent, Ghisetti
Champagne and viticulture                    Drappier, Devaux, Moët et Chandon
Cheese and dairy products                    Lincet, Fromagerie d'Auxon
Meat processing                                       AT France, SVA Jean Rozé, Huguier
Baking and pastries                                 Le Bon Pain de France
Chocolate and confectionery                 Cémoi

Training and Research


  • BTS technician's diploma in Quality in the Food and Bio-Industries (Lycée des Lombards Troyes)
  • DU university diploma in Industrial Agri-Bio Engineering (ENSAM Châlons-en-Champagne)
  • DU university diploma in Taste, Gastronomy and Fine Dining and Cordon Bleu certificate (URCA Reims)
  • BTS technician's diploma in Agricultural Equipment (CFA agricole Bar-sur-Seine)
  • CAP professional diploma in butchery, delicatessen foods, baking and pastry, ice cream, chocolate, confectionery etc. (CFA Pont-Ste-Marie)
  • Quality and Safety in the Agri-Food Industry (CEBIOS Troyes)


  • Engineering diploma specialising in Agri-Food (CNAM Reims)


  • OSIRIS (SOUFFLET Group) : developing products with health benefits for consumers
  • IAR Cluster : research into ingredients produced from the initial processing of biomass and used in food (gelling agents, emulsifiers, colouring agents etc.)

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Key figures

  • 149 companies (including Champagne)
  • 3,520  jobs
  • 75 % from initial processing
  • 380,000 hectares cultivated

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