Agro-industry / Eco-materials

Agro-industry / Eco-materials


Major regional sources of raw materials 

Thanks to its many agro-resources and its ability to innovate, Aube is an acknowledged skills centre for its agro-industry and its eco-materials.

  • Leading European producer of soft wheat and sugar beet
  • Leading European producer of hemp
  • Leading French producer of barley and alfalfa for drying
  • Second-biggest French producer of potatoes and high-protein crops
  • Third-biggest French producer of rapeseed
  • Fourth-biggest French producer of timber

Aube at the heart of energy and plant chemistry

As an integral part of the Industry and Agro-Resources (IAR) competitive cluster, Aube brings research, training and industrial players together in three areas

  • Bioenergy: processing biomass, producing biofuels
  • Biomolecules: surfactants, pharmaceutical products, alcohols and solvents, oils and lubricants
  • Eco-materials

Excellence in eco-materials

Hemp from La Chanvrière de l'Aube

  • Production of fine, strong papers 
  • Transformation into hemp wool
  • Production of light concrete (mixture of hemp fibre and lime)
  • New developments: biodegradable non-woven materials for sound and thermal insulation for cars

Timber, a high-potential market in Aube

  • Initial processing: 380,000 m³ of timber per year exploited by Aube companies, of which 40% is exported
  • Secondary processing: furniture, structural carpentry, joinery, flooring etc.
  • Valeur Bois trade association: promoting the use of timber to encourage economic opportunities; collective support and technical advice for members

Dynamism in the sector

Two centres for the industrial development of agro-resources

To meet tomorrow's challenges (food, climate, energy) and find sustainable, renewable alternatives, the IAR cluster (with over 200 members) promotes plant innovation in the design of new products and biosourced materials.

Collaborative projects focused on biorefining cover four strategic areas: Agro-materials, Biomolecules, Biofuels, Ingredients.

Industrial applications : Extracting and refining oil from grain for biodiesel; exploiting macroalgae and microalgae for biofuels; refining wheat to obtain cellulose for use in producing paper pulp, adhesives, detergents etc.

  • FRD (fibres, research and development) cluster

A development platform for industrial projects dedicated to plant fibre agro-materials.

A centre of R&D expertise in the industrial use of plant fibres, working in partnership with the IAR and UP-tex competitive clusters.


Cereals, oil crops and protein crops                        Soufflet, Vivescia, Scara
Raw material processing                                            Saipol, Dislaub, Cristal Union
Natural fibres                                                                  La Chanvrière de l’Aube
Timber                                                                              SCIAE, Regnier, Pakers Mussy, Huot

Training and Research


  • Degree in Forest Resource Management (Lycée forestier Crogny)
  • Degree in Agro-Materials Science and Engineering (IUT Troyes)
  • Vocational degree in Agro-Resources and the Environment (URCA Reims)


  • Engineering degree in Composite Agro-Materials (UTT Troyes)


  • OSIRIS : multi-year research programme operated by the Soufflet group (€112 million, 70 researchers) aiming to develop innovative products in four sectors: bioethanol, animal nutrition, human nutrition and crop bioprotection
  • FINATHER : development of innovative thermosetting composite materials with a low environmental impact for the road and rail transport sectors
  • SINFONI : project aiming to create the conditions for large-scale use of fibres of plant origin
  • ARD : 130 researchers working on plant refining, white biotechnology, plant chemistry and agro-materials

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Key figures

  • 7 leaders in Aube / 1,700 jobs
  • 9ème place for cereals / 1st for hemp
  • 134 timber companies / 1,100 jobs
  • 1 competitive cluster, IAR

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