Digital technology

Digital technology


ICT culture in Aube

A recent but significant development, as 80% of players in Aube's digital sector, 240 companies, were set up during the last decade.

Aube's micro-businesses and SMEs are especially well positioned in the Web 2.0 and mobile Internet markets. They offer a wide variety of touchscreen and mobile solutions. The sector also includes experts in more specific markets, such as web reputation management and IT security.

Broad areas of skills

  • Consultancy in IT systems and software
  • Data processing
  • System maintenance
  • Publishing application software
  • Component manufacturing
  • Web development
  • Software development

Dynamism in the sector

Considerable efforts are being made to support the development of companies in the digital sector.

  • Espace Numérique Entreprise (ENE, digital business centre) Champagne-Ardenne: this resource centre develops business performance through the use of ICT and provides a regional directory of IT, telecoms and Internet service providers and a training and workshop programme for each district

  • Agence 10TIC: this association brings together Aube ICT professionals to increase the competitiveness of the district and its businesses and encourage the necessary changes

  • GETIC: a major survey of Aube's micro-businesses and SMEs looking at IT habits and technologies in the era of Web 2.0 and the mobile Internet, organised by the Troyes Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • "Alpix IT Days": the first regional IT forum, inviting over 30 experts to Troyes. Lectures, round-table discussions, trade exhibition and workshops presenting solutions in the field of new digital technologies

Focus on … the 8th WISG

In 2014, the University of Technology of Troyes welcomed the eighth Interdisciplinary Workshop on Global Security (WISG), organised jointly with the ANR (National Research Agency). 


Mobile app development                                Eutech, Screen Garden, Webup
Webmarketing                                                  Sinfin, Taktik, Ze Truc, Webup
IT security                                                           Aylan, Sirce, Pacifa Decision
Application software                                       Alpix, Traceacode, Tolede, Invicia, Cristallin, D3E, Opta LP   
Hosting / Network architecture                    Assystem data 10, Tibco services, Actual, Garsys, PSI 

Training and Research


  • DU university diploma in Communication Systems and Networks (IUT Troyes)
  • BTS technician's diploma in IT and Networks for Industry and Technical Services (Lycée Les Lombards Troyes)
  • Vocational degree in Digital Technology Surveys, the only one of its kind in France (UTT Troyes)
  • Vocational degree in Internet and Multimedia Techniques (IUT Troyes) 


  • Degree in IT and Information Systems Engineering (UTT Troyes)
  • Degree in Systems, Networks and Telecommunications Engineering (UTT Troyes)
  • Degree in Information Technology Engineering (Supinfo Troyes)
  • Master's degree in Information and Communication Science and Technology, specialising in IT security (UTT Troyes)
  • ISOCORD : specialist doctorate: Sociotechnical Knowledge, Networks and Sustainable Development Engineering (UTT Troyes)


  • Fighting cybercrime (unique in France): only two centres in Europe (2Centre programme), one in Ireland, operated by University College Dublin, and the other in Troyes, operated by the University of Technology of Troyes in partnership with the Gendarmerie Nationale, the Police Nationale, the University of Montpellier 1, Thales and Microsoft. 
  • The Mixed Research Unit (UMR 6279, CNRS) in Risk Management Science and Technology at the Institut Charles Delaunay.
                - Goal: to develop methods, tools and mechanisms to improve risk management in technological and sociotechnical systems.
                - Includes: system surveillance and security, cybersecurity, e-health, eco-design and decision support in crisis situations (e.g. disaster organisation and logistics). 
  • ERA (UTT) : Research into the environment of autonomous networks 

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Key figures

  • 330 companies
  • 2,720 jobs
  • 90% micro businesses 
  • 83% of businesses have high-speed Internet (national average is 79%)

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