Textile / Factory outlets

Textile / Factory outlets


Troyes and Aube, knitted fashions

Combining tradition with innovation, the textile sector in Aube has succeeded in making the most of the trend towards globalisation. It has put together an extended range of activities, from producing fashion clothing to developing flexible materials for high-added-value products.

  • Historical expertise in textiles

-  Activity based essentially on knitwear

-  The sector contains all the activities required to manufacture finished turnkey products, including many different skills: design, dyeing and fabric finishing, fabric lamination, knitting, assembly, decoration, hosiery etc.

Significant potential for skills and qualified labour

  • Innovation at the heart of the sector

Aube has made a speciality of so-called "technical" textiles:

-   Functional materials designed to meet standards, safety requirements and characteristics specific to each sector. The textiles' properties of stretchability, strength and adaptability make them a sought-after solution

Applications as wide-ranging as the variety of materials and processes used: aircraft seats (TF Création); clothing for motor racing (Bugis) and cycling (Textile Lafitte); sports equipment including sports socks (Tismail, Ventura Socks); medical items: lower back supports (Max Lorne), comfortable prosthesis interfaces (Daw), diabetic protective socks (Podosolution) and acoustic correction (Panabac)

The IFTH technology resource centre is located close to the businesses that use its services, which provides a benefit in terms of responsiveness, service and innovation.

  • Highly secure transport and logistics services

Companies can rely on local transport and logistics professionals who are experienced in dealing with sensitive goods such as branded textiles and Champagne for their sourcing and their global distribution logistics.

Devanlay-Lacoste, Petit Bateau, Zannier and Eurodif have all set up logistics platforms in Aube.

Troyes, the European capital of factory shops and trade stores

  • Five centres of factory shops and trade stores (Marques City, Marques Avenue textiles, Marques Avenue household goods, McArthur Glen, Village de Marques) and an Oxylane village
  • Bargains all year round, with discounts of at least 30%
  • A varied range: men's, women's and children's ready-to-wear, sportswear, leather goods, home decoration and tableware, Champagne, chocolate, jewellery etc.
  • A commercial policy focusing on quality and high-end goods: Cerruti, Kenzo, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, JB Martin, Lancel, Guy Degrenne etc.
  • Many services for customers: restaurants, crèches, shuttle buses etc.

Dynamism in the sector

  • The consultancy, research and advice centre created and operated by the Troyes Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides support right from the start for projects to develop designer outlet centres in France, analysing their viability, potential, impact and planning
  • The Club Textile Intégral helps identify suppliers, technologies and textile products and/or solutions
  • CITEXT, an international business convention for technical textiles, attracts over 300 users and producers of technical textiles to Troyes every year. Almost 2,000 companies have already taken advantage of the many opportunities it offers


Textile construction                      Petit Bateau, Devanlay, Zannier, Olympia, Emo
Technical textiles                          Max Lorne, Atelier d’Ariane, Bugis, Compositex, Daw
Textile fibres                                   La Chanvrière de l'Aube 
Screen printing                               Sté@ 3 Sobrofi-Serimar, Textiles Lafitte
Finishing                                           Sotratex, France Teinture, ETE Européenne de Teinture et d’Ennoblissement
Factory outlets                                Marques Avenue, Mc Arthur Glen, Marques City, Village de Marques

Training and Research


  • BTS Flexible Materials Industry diploma specialising in industrial textile design and computer-aided clothing production (Lycée E. Herriot Ste-Savine)
  • Vocational degree in Textile Management and Production (IUT Troyes)


  • The Institut Français du Textile et de l'Habillement (French Textile and Clothing Institute, IFTH) offers a set of solutions for developing new products and processes for transport, health, clothing and construction. It offers a very innovative 3D and integral knitting platform

More informations:

Email : info@aube-developpement.com
Phone:03 25 43 70 14

Key figures

  • 81 textile businesses / 3,100 jobs
  • 5 outlet centres / 1,200 jobs
  • 280 shops convering 90,000 sqm
  • 5 million visitors per year 

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