10 good reasons

10 good reasons

An attachment to Aube … and 10 good reasons to establish your business in an optimum environment :

  1. A central geographical location for easy supply chain management and access to the biggest consumer markets in France and Europe

  2. Efficient road, rail, river and airport infrastructure

  3. Excellence in the agri-food, agro-industry, digital, tertiary, metallurgy, technical textiles, security technology, recycling, packaging and logistics sectors

  4. Innovation at two competitive clusters: Industries and Agro-Resources (IAR); and Materalia and the laboratories at the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT)

  5. Reliable, stable, high-quality labour with skills and expertise. The skills and quality of a reliable, stable workforce in the fields of industry, sales, logistics and customer relations

  6. Growing provision of specialist training, guaranteeing the availability of qualified staff who are ready to work quickly

  7. The lowest operating costs in north-eastern France, with tax benefits and very attractive property prices

  8. Property and land available, offering a variety of options for industrial and tertiary premises
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  9. Financial support tailored to each project

  10. The immediate mobilisation of all the relevant organisations to help you set up with minimum delay thanks to the single point of contact on the ground: Aube Développement

More informations:

Email : info@aube-developpement.com
Phone:03 25 43 70 14