Training and Research

Training and Research

Higher and further education

In the image of its diversified, competitive economic fabric, Aube offers a variety of training courses in an environment of advanced research. In Troyes, students also benefit from all the services and support they need to ensure their student life runs smoothly.

With nearly 10,000 students, Troyes is a major university centre.

A subsidiary of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, the Troyes University Centre offers undergraduate degrees, master's degrees (law, languages, economic and social administration, history of art etc.) and access courses in law to students. 

The Troyes university centre in figures 

  • 1,200 students
  • 5,000 sqm of premises
  • 3 lecture theatres seating 1,000
  • About ten courses

The UTT belongs to France's network of technology universities alongside the UTC (Compiègne) and the UTBM (Belfort-Montbéliard).

At the heart of the Technopole de l'Aube in Champagne, it is one of the top 10 engineering schools in France.The EPF Troyes welcomed its first year's intake of generalist engineers in 2010 at the UTT site as part of a strategic cooperation agreement between the two institutions.

 The UTT and EPF in figures

  • 2,500 students / 180 doctoral students (UTT)
  • 5 engineering degrees, 1 master's with 11 specialisms, 1 doctorate with 3 specialisms, 2 vocational degrees, 2 master's degrees with work placements
  • 8 research laboratories 
  • 183 partnerships with international universities 
  • 120 engineering students (EPF)

A unique training centre emphasising flexibility, social integration and entrepreneurial innovation.

The institution has three campuses in the city: one for the "Grande École" master's-level programme and the INBA, EMVOL and health/social preparatory courses; a second for the École Supérieure de Design; the last for lifelong learning, schoolwork support, socio-professional training and local service activities for the Technopole de l'Aube en Champagne.

The ESC Troyes Group in figures 

  • Over 1, 700 students
  • 5 areas of higher education
  • 193 international  agreements in 46 different countries
  • 250 lectures, researchers and profesionnal staff
  • Twice winner of the "Trophée des Grandes Écoles" prize for its innovative activities and the quality of its corporate relationships

A local subsidiary of the Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique IT school in Paris. It trains engineers in information and communication technologies:

software engineering, systems and networks, artificial intelligence, data analysis, Internet and intranet technologies, decision-support software, ERP, multimedia.


Supinfo in figures

  • 70 students at the Troyes site
  • 24 SUPINFO International University campuses in France and its overseas territories
  • SUPINFO has already trained over 10,000 engineers
  • The University Institute of Technology

The IUT de Troyes awards DUT technical diplomas and vocational degrees and provides continuing education.

The IUT in figures

  • 1,400 students or trainees
  • 5 DUT courses, 11 vocational degrees, 3 university diplomas
  • 89 teaching staff
  • 3 research laboratories (automation, logistics engineering and image processing)
  • 1 ISO 9001 certified continuing education department
  • 17 partner universities abroad
  • IUMP, university trades and heritage institute

The IUMP de Troyes is a training centre specialising in built heritage. It meets the advanced training needs of company employees, new recruits and jobseekers.

Three centres: university diploma in construction and public works management and trades/continuing education/technological innovation centre.

The IUMP in figures

  • 8 vocational courses
  • 12 university courses
  • 10 fields covered : structural work, eco-construction, architecture…
  • 1st and only technological innovation centre for the restoration of heritage buildings
  • Rachi European cultural institute

The Institut Rachi is a university centre for Hebrew studies and research open to everyone. It enables students to prepare a bachelor's degree, a master's or a doctorate.

The Institut Rachi in figures 

  • 3 degree courses
  • 3 master's degrees
  • 2 doctorates
  • 4 lecturers
  • The University centre of medical studies and IFSI (nursing care training institute)

An annexe of the UFR de Médecine de Reims, IFSI has been under the educational leadership of Troyes hospital since 1970.

The centre and IFSI in figures 

  • 200 general practitioners trained over 20 years
  • Numérus clausus for 2010 : 204 in medicine
  • 195 places in medicine, 35 in dentistry, 27 in midwifery and 35 in physiotherapy
  • 165 students at IFSI

The ESPE offers a master's degree in Education and Training, the only specific course available to students from the Champagne-Ardenne region aiming for a career in education and training.

The ESPE in figures

  • 3 specialism
  • 65 students


 Eight teams conduct high-level basic and technological research work at the following laboratories:

- LASMIS : mechanical systems and concurrent engineering laboratory
- LM2S : system modelling and security laboratory
- LNIO : nanotechnology and optical instrumentation laboratory
- LOSI : industrial systems optimisation laboratory
- TECH-CICO : technologies for collective cooperation, interaction and knowledge
- CREIDD : interdisciplinary centre for sustainable development research and study
- ERA : environment of autonomous networks
- GAMMAS3 : automatic mesh generation and advanced methods

  •  Other testing and research centres at the Aube Science park :

- The 3SGS scientific interest group: strengthening and developing a multidisciplinary community in the field of the surveillance, security and safety of large systems in order to give it both national and international visibility – 12 founding partners, 10 laboratories

The Mixed Research Unit (UMR 6279, CNRS) in Risk Management Science and Technology (STMR) groups together a set of interdisciplinary research activities in the field of risk (cybersecurity, e-health etc.)

- The Institut de Médecine du Sport (IMS), a medical institute for high-level athletes (advice, preventive medicine, evaluation, research and teaching activities)

The Institut de Biotechnologie de Troyes (IBT, Troyes biotechnology institute), a research and technology transfer centre in the biomedical and biotechnology sectors.

Services and practical help for a successful student life

 The Greater Troyes higher education web portal:

  • Presentation of all the training courses and subjects available in Greater Troyes;

  • Information to help you settle in: funding your studies, finding accommodation, eating, parking, accessing healthcare

  • Student activities: student associations, the student union etc.

Quality of life on the various campuses, both in the centre of Troyes and on the edges (housing, restaurants, parking, student life and activities, green spaces etc.).


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